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Into the new world~~ ♪
27 February 2010 @ 03:58 am

Finally! I've been proscrastinating a lot. Sorry for taking so long to post this up. ^^; I wouldn't call it a pimp post cause I too am still earning about these girls. I'll be using some graphics to help you guys get familiar with their names & faces. :D And I'll include YT links at the end of the entry.
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Into the new world~~ ♪
02 February 2010 @ 12:32 am
So in order to distract me from rl shit and/or fandom wanks/stupidity/haterade/whatnot,


Actually, Ashley prompted me to make a spam post so that she can spam me with whatever things she wants. XD BUT. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE MY FLIST TO PLAY ALONG. ^^ Spam me with your fav pics (I might will end up making icons out of them, when I stop being lazy lol), gifs, caps, YT clips, or idk, some pr0n maybe? PR0N IS ALWAYS WELCOMED! XD Drabbles would be awesome. Or if you feel like poking fun/yelling at me, that should be okay too (I guess XD). Rants, complaints, questions, ANYTHING.

Gifs under the cut (cause I wouldn't want to kill your bandwith xD)Collapse )

Also. HAPPY BIRTHDAY w_ryoku and kawaiiysa! ♥
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Into the new world~~ ♪
02 January 2010 @ 12:52 am

*is late* XD
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01 December 2009 @ 02:00 pm
Kame or Uchi or any other idols, none of them deserves your ewwws and yucks.

Just saying.

Anyway. Lovely _rainbowtears_ started a master post for everything Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge-related stuff: HERE. It's kinda funny cause my 2 most favorite Johnny's are going to be in the drama but she's the one who's more excited about it. We may have switched bodies at some point. XD ♥
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Into the new world~~ ♪
05 November 2009 @ 02:20 am
I feel really REALLY glad that I gave them a chance.

I'm still a Kame/Uchi/Pi/Ryo/Akame/Ryouchi/KT/K8/8-ninNEWS/ABC-Z/Kisumai/JE in general (lol) fan, though. 8Dv

Random public post. Entry's title → a line from SJ's A Man In Love which always cracks me up. XD


pimp! :D
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